News and Events

NEWS | 25 August 2023

Big news in health technology! A Parkinson's app, co-designed with people with Parkinson’s Disease, enhances walking confidence and improves gait. Dr. Matthew Brodie's team developed the app, backed by an IHealthE Catalyst Award, promoting improved mobility and quality of life.

NEWS | 22 June 2022

Prof. Gary Housley, Director of the Translational Neuroscience Facility at UNSW, and IHealthE Medical Lead, Bionics and Bio-robotics, collaborates with researchers from Melbourne (Bionics Institute), Macquarie University, NextSense, RPAH, Cochlear, and international partners. Together, they pioneer a groundbreaking experiment, regenerating hearing cells to improve cochlear implant performance.

NEWS | 21 June 2022

Over 40 people attended the first Morning Tea with IHealthE | Connected Health in the pandemic. Prof Nigel Lovell and Dr Peter Brown talked about their experience of implementing remote monitoring solutions to support over 4,000 Covid-19 positive patients in the community through the TCC-Covid App, patient-centric smartphone care.

NEWS | 9 March 2022

The COVID-19 virus emerged at the start of 2020, highly infectious and with no immediate treatment solutions available. A/Prof Sze-Yuan Ooi, and a team of infectious disease and respiratory specialists, worked with the TeleClinical Care team to develop TCC-COVID, an app that allows clinicians to monitor symptoms in COVID-positive patients.

NEWS | 11 October 2021

The inaugural Tyree IHeallthE Catalyst Awards in Connected Health, address how technology and data systems can support patient needs in a holistic way, from the hospital to the home. The five successful projects reflected principles of co-design, prioritising end-user engagement, and demonstrated strong collaboration with clinical researchers. Congratulations to everyone involved!