Our healthcare system needs to meet the demands of the 21st century. Tyree IHealthE exists to solve our most critical challenges - and improve health outcomes, locally and globally.

Tyree IHealthE harnesses the considerable capabilities of UNSW Engineering and UNSW Medicine and Health. Powered by collaboration, Tyree IHealthE is an engine of discovery and research translation. 
We are currently establishing the Sydney Consortium for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology (SCIMIT). A highly successful initiative, originating in Boston, that brings together clinicians, technologists and industry, SCIMIT will identify unmet healthcare needs and provide a platform for the development of effective new medical technologies.
The uptake of these innovations into mainstream clinical practice is fast-tracked by our strong healthcare partnerships. 

Positioned to be a global leader in healthcare innovation, Tyree IHealthE aims to:

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Reduce hospital admissions
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Enable earlier diagnosis
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Generate more
targeted therapies
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Train the next generation
of health technologists

Connected Health 

Connected Health utilises technologies to support patients outside the clinical setting. Our innovations will promote healthy ageing, improve chronic disease management, and enhance access of care for rural patients. 

Collaboration intensive 

Tyree IHealthE brings together clinicians, technologists, patient stakeholders and industry. We engage closely with local health districts and partnerships, including SESLHD, SWSLHD and SPHERE.

Clinically relevant 

Innovations will be informed by the insight of clinical professionals who are exposed directly to patient needs within the healthcare system.

Translation focused 

Our evidence-based model promotes the swift translation of discoveries into clinical practice and health technologies where they can directly benefit vulnerable groups and the wider community. 

Patient centric 

The patient experience is at the centre of Tyree IHealthE’s approach. New technologies and treatment platforms will be designed to seamlessly improve health and wellness outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. 


Industry engaged

We will leverage our extensive industry partnerships to accelerate innovation and produce commercially viable solutions. 


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