Key areas 

Tyree IHealthE focuses its research and development activities across five programs:

1.    Connected Health (inaugural program)
2.    Bionics
3.    Biomolecular Innovations
4.    Bioengineered Materials and Technologies
5.    Medical Imaging Analytics


Tyree IHealthE will develop, trial and commercialise health technologies that:

•    Improve patient care, and promote self-care and healthy ageing
•    Improve lifestyle outcomes and experiences for the Australian population
•    Re-define models of healthcare service delivery
•    Arrive at earlier diagnosis and more targeted therapies
•    Reduce the burden on the hospital system
•    Facilitate equitable access to healthcare for all Australians
•    Are viable solutions for national and international uptake 
•    Make a substantial contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Good Health and Well-being

Tyree IHealthE will have a major educational component embedded in its operation. Programs will support both undergraduates and higher degree research students. A multidisciplinary learning journey will be provided as students are exposed to the medical technology ecosystem, spanning device design, development, evaluation and commercialisation .