Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework


Vertically Integrated Project (VIP)

Through the Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) course program, students from different Engineering disciplines are brought together into project teams during the final three years of their undergraduate degree. Medical students doing their research thesis projects also join these project teams. Each multidisciplinary team consists of around five to 15 students from second year through fourth year, and one to four postgraduate students.

The VIP program enhances students’ teamwork, design and independent study skills, through clinical/patient outcome design projects and research.  It aims to develop students’ critical thinking skills, and their ability to define and respond to a specific problem or research outcome.

The interdisciplinary teams of Engineering and Medical students will gain experience in industry collaboration, entrepreneurial skills and the regulatory requirements necessary to bring medical technologies to clinical reality. Postgraduate research students will be embedded into the research programs, working alongside the VIP teams, and providing fertile areas for higher degree research.

Tyree IHealthE VIP Projects | Connected Health

Research goal: Develop and validate wearable and smartphone-based technology to be used in the monitoring of chronically ill patients and the elderly. This technology will monitor weight, oxygen saturation, lung function, medication adherence, blood pressure, exercise regime, heart rhythm and lifestyle changes, with the aim of reducing the rate of hospital re-admission.

Read more about the projects and meet the team academic leads on the project page

Assistive Tech Hub

Assistive Tech Hub (ENGG3060) is an exciting course which makes a real impact on the lives of others. Students co-design and prototype an assistive technology with a real client with a disability to improve their lifestyle. The course has been designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the application of biomechanics in physical rehabilitation (no prior knowledge is required).

Course Convener 
Associate Professor Lauren Kark
Academic Director, Student Projects and Social Impact

Read more information on the course, testimonials from students, and current projects at the Assistive Tech Hub site.


Open to Biomedical Engineering students, Tyree IHealthE supports opportunities for students to develop medical apps and systems (with hardware) co-designed with clinicians from a number of organisations, including: Neura, Black Dog, and The George Institute for Global Health. This professional experience is designed to benefit both the Honours students and clinicians by engaging in the co-design of solutions. Tyree IHealthE facilitates meetings to first gather functional requirements (Thesis A), create a design (Thesis B), and Develop (Thesis C).

If you are interested in understanding more about the Honours and Masters Projects and timelines, please email Brice Lenfant


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