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An extraordinary vision

The partnership between the Tyree Foundation and IHealthE

The generous gift from the Sir William Tyree Foundation (Tyree Foundation) has enabled Tyree IHealthE to embark on research and projects to improve patient outcomes, offer earlier diagnoses, provide more targeted therapies, and deliver remote care. The incredible support enables Tyree IHealthE to develop and deliver innovative and economical health technologies; connecting unmet needs with co-designed innovation.

Tyree Foundation Board Chair Robbie Fennell shared, at the launch of Tyree IHealthE, that the vision for the Institute stems from her father, Sir William Tyree OBE. Sir William saw the incredible potential of blending the skills of medicine and engineering and this became the purpose of the Foundation he established, which is to "invest in Australian Universities and Institutions by focusing on education and research in both medical science and engineering to improve Australia for future generations.” This principle underpins the work of Tyree IHealthE and will enable multidisciplinary projects to succeed and support emerging researchers in biomedical engineering.

Who was Sir William Tyree OBE?

Sir William Tyree OBE was a visionary engineer and technology pioneer with a big heart. His lasting philosophy was: An investment in education is an investment in Australia. UNSW Sydney is proud to have had a long history with Sir William and he is considered one of the University's most distinguished alumnus. A graduate of the Sydney Technical College, Sir William was awarded a Doctor in Science, honoris causa, in October 1986 for his contribution to the profession of engineering and to UNSW.

Sir William was a founding member of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science committee in 1968 and was also instrumental in establishing a number of firsts in education at UNSW including the Tyree Chair in Electrical Power Engineering and a graduate program in Engineering, to name a few. Sir William's philanthropic support has been widespread - but the Foundation has been particularly generous to UNSW by establishing the state-of-the-art Tyree Energy Technologies Building, providing of a number of scholarships, and through establishing Tyree IHealthE.

Header Photo: Cameron Perrett, Sir William Tyree Foundation; Dr Peter Tyree AM, Sir William Tyree Foundation; David Ward, Sir William Tyree Foundation; David McNeil, Sir William Tyree Foundation; Keian Barnard, Sir William Tyree Foundation; Robbie Fennell, Chair, Sir William Tyree Foundation; Emeritus Professor Ian Webster AO, Director, Sir William Tyree Foundation; Ralph Waters, Sir William Tyree Foundation and Andrew Thorpe, Sir William Tyree Foundation; Photo: Richard Freeman.