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Our vision is to be a global leader in innovative healthcare practice and delivery. We work collaboratively to develop transformational and cost-effective health technologies that meet patient and clinician needs. You can connect with the team below or for general enquiries, please email us at ihealthe@unsw.edu.au

Meet the team

Nigel Lovell 

Nigel Lovell

Scientia Professor Lovell is the Head of the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW working in the areas of bionics, telehealth, biosignal processing and physiological modelling.

Nigel has authored 300+ journal papers and been awarded over $100 million in R&D and infrastructure funding. Over his career he has mentored 70 PhD students and delivered more than 150 keynote presentations. He is a Fellow of seven learned academies throughout the world.

For 2017 and 2018 Nigel was the President of the world’s largest biomedical engineering society – the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and he continues to be actively involved in professional outreach internationally.

As the Director of the Tyree Foundation Institute of Health Engineering, Nigel is responsible for delivering on the Institute’s  vision, creating a transformational engine of discovery, innovation and healthcare translation.

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Laura Poole-Warren 
Deputy Director 

Laura Poole-Warren

Professor Poole-Warren AM leads a research group focused on improving interfaces between biomedical devices and tissues, including design and development of novel materials and engineering 3D tissue models for evaluation of device performance.

Laura has held various leadership appointments including Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Graduate Research and Chair of the inaugural Athena SWAN team at UNSW, as well as being recently elected as co-chair of the Australian Brain Alliance, and the Frontiers Technology Clinical-Academic Group of Maridulu Budyari Gumal (also known as the Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise or Sphere).

Laura is a Fellow of three learned academies and was awarded honours in January 2020 as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to Biomedical Engineering and education. 

As the Deputy Director of Tyree IHealthE, Laura is responsible for the development of translational research and education strategy, integrated with end-user engagement, as well as matters relating to governance and operational excellence. Laura also deuptises for the Director on all matters. 

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Gemma Ashton
Chief Operating Officer

Gemma Ashton headshot

Gemma Ashton is a program-operations professional with more than 15 years' experience delivering strategic initiatives in the higher education sector. Her work has a special focus on health research and education. Prior to joining Tyree IHealthE, Gemma was the Program Manager at the Charles Perkins Centre, a multidisciplinary research centre committed to improving global health. In her role there, she led the implementation of strategies to support collaborative, solution-focused research, and managed partnerships with industry and government collaborators. 

As Chief Operations Officer, Gemma is responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the Tyree IHealthE and driving new opportunities for collaboration and commercialisation with external stakeholders. 

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Ian Goon
Head of Strategy and Innovation

Dr Ian Goon

Ian Goon is a strategy and innovation leader with a multi-disciplinary skillset developed through experience in world-class professional and academic environments. He has a background in scientific research, developing nano-materials for biosensing applications and subsequently spent 4 years in a commercially focused-role as a strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Tyree IHealthE, Ian co-founded a health technology startup focused on building digital tools for healthcare research projects. His work included leading the development and implementation of technology platforms for the South Asia Biobank (South Asia and UK) and the SG100K population health study in Singapore. Ian holds a BEng (Chemical) and Ph.D from UNSW Sydney and obtained an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge as a Chevening scholar.

As Head of Strategy and Innovation, Ian is focused on developing and executing the Institute's strategic initiatives for identifying unmet healthcare needs and driving the translation of innovations to address these needs.

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Jacqueline Wells
Senior Project Officer

Jacqueline Wells headshot

Jacqueline Wells is a marketing and communications professional, with experience in developing digital communications strategies, stakeholder engagement programs, and managing large strategic events. With a background in social sciences and digital communications, Jacqueline is especially interested in the potential for better communication around health technology and innovation. She has over 10 years' experience working in higher education; prior to joining Tyree IHealthE she managed the Digital Health and Informatics Network (DHIN) at the University of Sydney, where she ran a virtual network for researchers in digital health. 

As Senior Project Officer, Jacqueline supports outreach activities, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and manages the Tyree IHealthE communications channels. 



Brice Lenfant
Project Officer 

Brice Lenfant headshot

Brice Lenfant is an IT professional with extensive experience implementing, customising, and scaling up digital platforms in the education sector. With a background in Contract Law and IT Project Management, Brice has held various positions in education, including as a lecturer in Mongolia, and a Student Hall Manager in New Zealand. Prior to joining Tyree IHealthE, he was a Digital Systems Specialist at the Catholic Education Office in Canberra where he rolled out cloud-based education software in 56 schools and six colleges across NSW and ACT. 

As a Project Officer for Tyree IHealthE, Brice coordinates technical projects and ensures the development of clinical applications and solutions in an agile environment.