About Us

The vision of Tyree IHealthE is to be a global leader in innovative healthcare practice and delivery. We will achieve this by working collaboratively to develop transformational and cost-effective health technologies that meet patient and clinician needs. 

Tyree IHealthE will leverage UNSW’s expertise across the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering as well as specialised centres including the Ageing Futures Institute. Supported by a vibrant innovation ecosystem, UNSW researchers will work closely with industry and the healthcare sector. These collaborations will serve to take our biomedical engineering capabilities to a new frontier, and swiftly bring effective new models for disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment into mainstream practice. 

Tyree IHealthE will have a major educational component embedded in its operation. Programs will support both undergraduates and higher degree research students. A multidisciplinary learning journey will be provided as students are exposed to the medical technology ecosystem, spanning device design, development, evaluation and commercialisation.

Meet the team


Nigel Lovell 


Nigel Lovell

Scientia Professor Lovell is the Head of the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW working in the areas of bionics, telehealth, biosignal processing and physiological modelling.

Nigel has authored 300+ journal papers and been awarded over $87 million in R&D and infrastructure funding. Over his career he has mentored 70 PhD students and delivered more than a hundred keynote presentations. He is a Fellow of seven learned academies throughout the world.

For 2017 and 2018 Nigel was the President of the world’s largest biomedical engineering society – the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and he continues to be actively involved in professional outreach internationally.

As the Director of the Tyree Foundation Institute of Health Engineering, he will be responsible for delivering on the Institute’s  vision, creating a transformational engine of discovery, innovation and healthcare translation.




Laura Poole-Warren 

Deputy Director 

Laura Poole-Warren

Professor Poole-Warren leads a research group focused on improving interfaces between biomedical devices and tissues, including design and development of novel materials and engineering 3D tissue models for evaluation of device performance.

Laura has held various leadership appointments including Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Graduate Research and Chair of the inaugural Athena SWAN team at UNSW, as well as being recently elected as co-chair of the Australian Brain Alliance and the Maridulu Budyari Gumal (Sphere) Frontier Technology Clinical-Academic Group.

Laura is a Fellow of three learned academies and was awarded honours in January 2020 as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to Biomedical Engineering and education.

As the Deputy Director of Tyree Foundation Institute of Health Engineering, she will be responsible for development of industry and end-user engagement strategy and will deputise for the Director on all matters.

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